this is the repository of many of the thoughts that confound and amuse me. 

i imagine that it will be my bully pulpit from time to time as well.  

pain & glory

by now you've checked out the new images for the upcoming summer show at ligne roset. i hope you found one or two that you enjoyed. 

this series was inspired by the time i spent with winemaker chris scanlan. his upstart wine label, pain & glory, is going to be something to watch. i'm sure of that. remember that i told you that first. 

the series is just a brief peek at the glamorous (if you know anything about wine, you know that adjective does not apply) life of winemaking. the pics are pretty rough and tumble. i think you'll find that they are unadulterated with a minimum of manipulation, just like chris' wine. just like all of my photos. you get what you get. no corrections, no polish. just honest pics. 

come join me at the show's opening on saturday may 10th from 6-8 PM at ligne roset. 162 king st. right here in little old san francisco. rumor has it that you might even be able to taste one of chris' wines. 

and the big bonus is you'll get to see a bunch of new paintings by my talented wife, brandi. really amazing stuff.